Is Indian Economy Slow Down Due to Coronavirus?

This is the time when every Indian has a social scared about coronavirus. So let us explain How Indian Economy Slow Down Due to Coronavirus?

India, 13 March 2020: Yes, I’m right and this is the exact time when every Indian has a social fear about coronavirus. Still, coronavirus created a disharmonic situation in Indian society.

This China originated coronavirus now reached almost all the countries around the world. and there is no doubt about the deadly virus that it is the most dangerous virus for human beings until today.

Coronavirus outbreak:

China is the place where the deadly virus is spread. Now the world is suffering from coronavirus. There is more than 1,32,000 coronavirus cases are confirmed and more than 4,200 people are dead.

Now and the most scaring thing is that the infected patients are not from one state or one place, they are from various states.

How Indian Economy Slow Down Due to Coronavirus?

Indian economy goes slow down before the coronavirus arrived in India. and even the coronavirus didn’t arrive in the world. Yes, it’s also reason and its impact on the Indian economy.

Before the BJP government in power, the Indian GDP was good, like every year more than 9. But after 2014 the Indian GDP is going down till today. In 2015 BJP govt has changed the GDP calculation formula.

Today If we calculate our GDP with previous formula then 2.5 will be the GDP of India. But If we calculate with the new formula then 4.3 will be the GDP of India. Isn’t look good!

One more reason to slow down the Indian economy is Delhi Riot 2020. Delhi Riot is the major riots of Indian history after the Gujarat Riots of 2002.

  1. Delhi riots destroyed more than 27,000 crores of property. and more than 50 peoples are dead on the riots.
  2. 11 states are infected by the coronavirus in India. and the 11 states have more than 70 infected patients.
  3. Now people are scared about going to the market. people are scared to go on their work.

The industries are didn’t able to produce the products. All the Schools are nearly closed for the past few weeks due to coronavirus.

The majority of the people are stopping traveling because all the people are heard about coronavirus. and they know how deadly the virus is?

So the people are know how to protect themselves and they have covered their faces with the face mask when they go out.

Actually now people are don’t want to go out because they have a fear of the virus. The virus is spreading from the ground, so we have to be careful about it.

Conclusion: According to our point of view- Yes, Indian Economy Slow Down Due to Coronavirus. There is no doubt about that but If we say this is the only reason to slow down the Indian economy then it would be wrong.

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What is your opinion about the less GDP of India? Thanks for being here.

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